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Nextwave Wireless delivers high speed internet service to rural areas in East Texas. Nextwave Wireless uses new breakthrough wireless technology to bypass the networks of the big cable and phone companies. This is not a cellular or satellite service, but a new, better and faster way to be online. Call our Customer Care Team at 903.569.9560 24/7 and let us know how we can help. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of service and building pleasant relationships with all our customers.

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Unlimited streaming.
NO data caps!
NO hidden fees!
  • Speeds up to 5Mbps

  • Speeds up to 15Mbps

  • Speeds up to 25Mbps

Nextwave for the Home

Nextwave offers up to 25Mbps of Internet

Nextwave for Business

Get Nextwave for Business.
Data & Voice Services
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More ways to connect…

Nextwave now offers more ways to connect.
Along with our local number 903.569.9560
Customer can now contact us via Facebook Messenger
Text Messaging Support is right around the corner

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